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A Domain Name is key to the success of your website.  Without one, your site doesn't really have a home.  A bad Domain Name can significantly reduce the number of visitors to your site.  The tips below can help you focus in on the perfect name for you.

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Domain names are disappearing at an alarming rate. Finding the perfect one is becoming more difficult each day. Our recommendation is simple: If you ever think you want a website, register the domain name(s) today.
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Keep It Simple
One of the worst things an organization can do is have a domain name that nobody can spell or remember. Take your time to search for a good, simple & memorable name. You don't want your potential website users frustrated every time they have to type in your website. Many times this will be your customer's first impression of how your organization conducts itself. Keep this picture in your mind as you choose your domain name:  
You have a conversation with a potential client. You tell them your website. They don't have to figure out how to spell it. When they get to their computer, the name is easy for them to remember. They go quickly to YOUR site and NOT to your competition's website. As they browse your site, they have the thought that dealing with you is smooth and not complicated. 
That picture above is destroyed in an instant by a name that is complicated or hard to spell.

Key Search Phrases
If your site will benefit or depend heavily on search engines to draw users to it, then that should influence your domain name choice as well. If a domain name itself includes some keyword(s) used to find a site like yours, it usually improves search engine rankings also. In other words, if your potential customers are going to search for 'widgets', if you include the word 'widgets' in your domain name (ie: then most likely your visitors will increase because of a better search engine rating.

Multiple Domain Names
Sometimes it is very good to register multiple domain names for various reasons:
If your domain can be spelled different ways, in order to avoid confusion, register them, then we can forward the secondary name to the primary name. Your organization may be known by two different names and you need a domain name for both. You may want to keep your competitor from using a domain name that is close to yours. The reasons could go on forever, but if you have a doubt, probably just register the name. If you change your mind in a year, don't renew it.

.COM?  .NET?  .ORG?
Which should you choose?  Should you secure several?
These are called TLDs or Top Level Domains. They are actually quite flexible in use, although there are certain unspoken ideas concerning TLDs. A common error is thinking that a commercial business MUST use .COM or a non-profit organization can't use .COM. Although this may be a good practice, it is not an absolute.
.COM, .NET & .ORG are the most commonly used TLDs in the US.  .COM is definitely the most widely used and accepted. We have found that most internet users default to using .COM when in doubt of which TLD to use. That makes a .COM domain name very valuable to the site owner. In most cases we recommend looking for an available .COM first.  .NET & .ORG do take second place to .COM, but not by much anymore. Where .COM is understood to stand for a company or commercial sites, .NET is understood to stand for networks or an internet site, and .ORG is widely accepted as being non-profit or non-commercial sites.
You may choose to register multiple TLDs for different products, or marketing strategies, etc. Many clients use multiple TLDs in order to brand their name and prevent others from using the brand that they have established. If this is your organization's approach, look for a name that has at least .COM, .NET & .ORG available.

TLDs and their usage:
.com/.net/.org/.info: Generic TLDs - Open to any person or organization
.ws: A good 2nd choice after .com/.net/.org - Stands for 'website' - Open to all
.name: Meant to be used by individuals, actual or fictional
.biz: Meant to be used by businesses/commercial organizations
.us: Meant to be used by US citizens/organizations - Widely thought to be government sites
.mobi: Mobile-compatible sites - Site must be in accordance with mobile standards
.tv: Meant to be used for television-related content, video or advertising
.jobs: Used for sites w/job listings - Name must be based on legal name of the organization

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