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Often it is necessary for a website to make changes and updates.
This keeps your website fresh and new,
and gives people a reason to re-visit your site.

Maintenance Packages
We have developed the following maintenance packages to serve you for this purpose.
These maintenance packages include minor¹ changes to text, graphics & links.
Please note that these maintenance package rates are far below our normal hourly rates!

Normal Service Work
If you don't subscribe to a maintenance package or you routinely need major² changes to your site, you'll be subject to our normal hourly service rate.
We have developed highly discounted rates for buying larger time blocks of TML service!
If minor¹ changes are really what you need, a maintenance package is your best deal.

Please contact us if you have any questions deciding on which package to subscribe to.

TML Maintenance Package 1
The "I Don't Know" Package
Don't know if you'll need changes or not? You probably will.
This is the package to start with, and it won't break the bank.
   •   4 Minor Content Changes Per Month¹
   •   Includes WebSite Monitoring
$24.95 / month
TML Maintenance Package 2
The Beginner Package
This package is designed to give you a few changes per month and begin developing return visits from your audience.
   •   8 Minor Content Changes Per Month¹
   •   Includes WebSite Monitoring
$44.95 / month
TML Maintenance Package 3
The "WaaSSuup?!" Package
Watch out world wide web, we are here!
We need changes, and we would like them pronto, please.
Well you got it here. Your changes have priority in our work day.
   •   12 Minor Content Changes Per Month¹
   •   Priority Changes

   •   Includes WebSite Monitoring
$64.95 / month
TML Maintenance Package 4
The "You Da Man!" Package
This package is for those who have not only arrived, but they know what they want. Priority changes are in order.
Let's watch your web business take off together!
   •   20 Minor Content Changes Per Month¹
   •   High Priority Changes

   •   Includes WebSite Monitoring
   •   Includes A Monthly WebSite Statistics Report!³
$99.95 / month
TML Maintenance Package 5
The "You Can't Touch This" Package
Somebody call a tailor and loosen up the pants...
You are about to break it DOWN!
This is for serious site owners who mean business on the web.
When these change orders are placed, we drop what we are doing ASAP and get to work on your site.
   •   45 Minor Content Changes Per Month¹
   •   Highest Priority Changes!

   •   Includes WebSite Monitoring
   •   Includes A Monthly WebSite Statistics Report!³
$199.95 / month
*Custom Maintenance Package
If your site needs a larger maintenance package,
please contact us and we can design a
custom package just for you.
Contact Us
for more info

Save Up To 15% By Buying Blocks of TML Service Time!!

Normal Service Work
If you don't buy a maintenance package or you need our help on your site, you will need to pay by the hour OR buy blocks of TML service time at a discount! We will keep up with your time spent and remaining until you have used the whole block of time! This is the way to go if you have some major changes² or multiple projects on your website to be accomplished.
Add a block of time to your shopping cart today!

1 Hour $50.00
Normal Hourly Rate
3 Hour
3.3% Savings
5 Hour
5% Savings
10 Hour
7.5% Savings
20 Hour
10% Savings
40 Hour
15% Savings

¹ "Minor Changes" consists of slight alterations in content. Slight changes in text, links or simple image replacement is included in "Minor Changes". Anything that qualifies as "Major Changes"² is not included in any of the Maintenance Packages above and will be billed at the normal hourly rate. Any change that requires re-coding of webpages to properly make the change, shall not be considered a "Minor Change". 
² "Major Changes" consists of: webpage overhauls, website redesigns, programming, data processing, graphic manipulations/design, major text formatting, navigation changes, any lengthy or detailed work, etc.
³ "WebSite Monitoring" & "Monthly WebSite Statistics Report" requires a TML Hosting Subscription.

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