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   Tournament Rules

General Tournament Rules::

We will use the USRA Rulebook plus the guidelines below:

• USRA approved eye-guards are mandatory.

• Each match will consist of two games to 15, with an 11 point tie breaker, if needed. Games will be played on a “first to 15” basis. There will be no “win by two” rule. The tournament director may deny, redraw or reclassify any entrant in the interest of fair competition.

• You will be held responsible to be at your match at the printed time. Matches may start earlier if both parties are willing, AND WE ENCOURAGE THIS! Try to be at your match 10 minutes prior to its scheduled time. We will start a 5 min warm-up at the starting time listed for each match. If a player is not present for their match by the end of the warm up time, they forfeit the match. It will be up to you to figure out when you play next.

• In order to run smoothly, if you lose your match, you must referee the next available match or find a suitable substitute. Please come upstairs after your match and be ready to referee the next match to be played.

• We will attempt to allow play to go on without much interruption from the referees. We realize that this is not a “pro” tournament & will not usually make calls such as “penalty hinders” unless it is blatant. All matches will, however, be called according to USRA rules.

• If during play you feel that there should be a call made by the referee, raise your hand & continue to play. Play should not stop unless the referee stops play or there is a safety hinder or the point is over.

• Court Hinders/Out of Play: If the ball bounces on the floor then hits the netting or opening at the top back of the court, a court hinder should be called and the point replayed. If the ball hasn’t touched the floor and it hits the netting or back opening the point will called for the opponent that did not hit the ball. If the ball hits any other court structure that changes the direction/play of the ball, the referee will make the call, otherwise continue playing.

• It is the server’s responsibility to visually check for the readiness of the receiver(s). If the receiver is not ready, they must raise their racquet in the air or fully turn their back to the server. The receiver cannot signal “not ready” after the service motion begins.

• A player may at any time stop play when they feel that the safety of another player is in jeopardy. If the player making the call is doing so, just to escape the point, the referee can call the point for the opponent.

• Time Outs: In each 15 point game in a match, each team may have 3 - 30 second timeouts. In the 11 point tie-breaker, there are only 2 - 30 second timeouts allowed.

• Rest Periods: After the first game to 15, each team may take 2 minutes for rest till the next game. After the second game to 15, if a tie-breaker is required, each team may take a 5 minute rest.

• Questions: If you have any rules questions you need to address them to the Tournament Director before the matches. If during a match there is a question, the referee may consult the rulebook and ask the Tournament Director. If the rule is not clear in the rulebook to the referee or 
the Tournament Director, the rule will be decided by a vote between, the referee and 2 other players.

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