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Z's 2008 NFL Week 16!
Zsports Image          Merry Christmas!
...from Z and The Media Leader

  • Less than half of the teams are still in the running for post season play.......
  • Pittsburgh (11-3) and Tennessee (12-2) battle for the #1 seed in the AFC. Talk about a playoff preview...
  • Carolina (11-3) and NY Giants (11-3) battle for the #1 seed in the NFC. Talk about a playoff preview...
  • Indianapolis (10-4) riding a 7 game winning streak (Peyton's hot at the right time, must have taken notes from little bro').
  • Miami, NY Jets, and New England (9-5) all tied for first with 2 to go (and Miami travels to NY for the regular season finale!)

AFC East (fight to the finish)
Dolphins- (9-5) Miami can argue that they made out the best in the Favre trade, all they have to do is win out (... beat Brett in NY). Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano have their finger prints all over this young- hard working, mistake free team (with an opportunistic defense). They have won 7 of 8 and travel to (2-12) K.C. this week, before a showdown in NY, Is that Chad Pennington singing "Redemption song"........
Jets- (9-5) this is why they got that old-magic-man from Louisiana (via Wisconsin). Their in a three way first place tie with 2 games to go... a real fight 2 the finish, did Brett bring the spinach? If not the Jets defense is capable of winning without offense, but the offense can carry the D too (T. Jones 1222 yds and 13 tds, and J. Cothchery 63 catches 736 yds and L. Coles 61 catches 702 yds).
Patriots- (9-5) First place tie with 2 games to go for a team written off for dead, only Bill Belichick could keep an entire team’s competitive fire blazing, with every excuse to go out and lose. New England has won 3 of 4 and looks to win 2 more and muddy the playoff picture... If not more!
Bills- (6-8) Remember when Buffalo was 4-0? The draft is right around the corner.....

AFC North
Pittsburgh- (11-3) Last second win over Baltimore, was 5 in a row, and now the Steelers go to Nashville (12-2). This will match the top two teams in the AFC. You can guarantee this will be playoff atmosphere, look for one of the hardest hitting games of the year, with pride, and a lot more on the line. The steel curtain defense is getting tighter at the right time.
Ravens- (9-5) Baltimore thought they held the Steelers out of the end zone with 43 seconds to go, but the zebra's saw it differently. The playoffs are still in their hands, but they have to go to Dallas this weekend, in what should be a great game with a lot on the line for both teams. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and company look to take the team into January football.
Browns- (4-10) the draft can't get here quick enough.....where do you start?
Bengals- (2-11-1) When's the draft?

AFC South
Titans- (12-2) Coming off a 13-12 loss to the Texans, the mighty, mighty Titans are 2-2 in their last four games, raising questions at the wrong time. The defense is still in top shape, and rookie Chris Johnson (1159 yds 8 tds) and LenDale White (700 yds 14 tds) are still running hard, but the rest of the regular season is daunting, Pittsburgh (11-3) is in town this week, and then a trip to Indianapolis (10-4) to end the year. Is Tennessee tuning up or wearing down?
Colts- (10-4) they have set an NFL record by winning at least 7 games in a row for 5 consecutive seasons. Peyton has put himself back into the MVP race and Reggie Wayne is showing off again (1022 yds 5 tds), not to mention Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, and oh yeah... Marvin Harrison. Despite their 3-4 start this is the same Colts team that has dominated everyone (except New England) the past five years, and appears to be the hottest team in the league, at just the right time.
Texans- (7-7) the ever present spoilers are at it again... took out the Titans and their best record in the NFL 13-12, and now the Texans have won 4 in a row. Too little too late.
Jaguars- (5-9) a great come from behind win for a team that had lost 6 of 7 and seemed to have quit. Apparently everyone has been put on notice... they are playing for a job. If Jacksonville is motivated look for them to play spoiler for their next two playoff hopeful opponents (Indianapolis and Baltimore).

AFC West
Broncos- (8-6) the most up and down team in the league is at it again...but nobody knows which way they are going. They have lost 6 running backs to injury, but Jay Cutler has fed his star receiver Brandon Marshall (88 catches 1081 yds and 6 tds), and made a star of rookie Eddie Royal (75-847-5). All they have to do is win… Or San Diego has to lose....but, if the Broncos lose and the Chargers win, Denver travels to San Diego Dec. 28th.
Chargers- (6-8) No way a 6-8 football team should still be in the playoff race, but it is simple... (If Denver loses) Win out and you’re in, the only problems are (9-5) Tampa Bay and (8-6) Denver whom are both fighting just to get in the playoffs. Phillip Rivers is having a great season (3515 yds 28 tds 101.4 qb rating), LT is closing in on 1000 (924yds 8 tds), and Vincent Jackson is emerging as a star (50 catches 940 yds 7 tds), but inconsistency has plagued the team all year.
Raiders- (3-11) Trade the owner....and then......
Chiefs- (2-12) it is a shame to see Mr. Peterson (CEO/GM) step down, but somebody had too.

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NFC East
Giants- (11-3) Before the shooting incident 11-1 since 0-2.....But the teams troubles start with big Brandon Jacobs bad wheel, when he is in they are on, when he is out they are off. Now there are questions about the offensive line? This is the team that put it all together at the end last year, and now with Carolina coming to town the #1 ranking could be in jeopardy for the first time all year.
Cowboys- (9-5) Love em or hate em, you better respect them Cowboys, winners of 4 of 5 after beating the (11-3) Giants the Boy's are Rollin at the right time, and just in time too! They wouldn't have it any other way in big D, next up Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and friends (Ravens (9-5), followed by the resurgent Eagles (8-5-1). If the Dallas defense plays like they did against the G-men (8 sacks) then they will be playing in the post season.
Eagles- (8-5-1) Who could have expected that a tie with the Bungles could help their playoff chances, but if Dallas loses to Baltimore and Philly beats Washington this week, the winner of the Dallas Philly Dec. 28th game will have huge implications on post season positioning. Philly has won 3 in a row to climb back into contention, behind Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and Jim Johnsons attacking defense.
Redskins- (7-7) Well that is one way to take yourself out of the picture: 20-13 loss in Cincinnati. Better luck in year Mr. Zorn.

NFC North
Vikings- (9-5) stayed a game ahead of the Bears by dismantling the Cardinals 35-14, and now have won 6 of 7. Minnesota has a quarterback controversy brewing, after Tarvaris Jackson has relieved a hurt Gus Frerotte successfully the last two games (both wins). Adrain Peterson continues to amaze (1581 yds 9 tds); Bernard Berrian is emerging (865 yds 20.6 per catch and 6 tds). But there is one big big problem Pat Williams will be out for 2-6 weeks with a broken shoulder, bad time to be playing Michael Turner and the Falcons, then the Giants!!!!
Bears- (8-6) Rookie Joe Forte (1115 yds 7 rushing tds 58 catches 4 receiving tds) is establishing himself as a star. Devin Hester (mad-skillz) is emerging as a wide receiver (43 catches 568 yds 3 tds) which is a scary thought to the rest of the league. The monsters of the midway defense is on the field entirely too long, but when the offense does their job, Brian Urlacher and co. are just as dominant as ever. Only one game back of the Vikings with a much easier schedule.
Packers- (5-9) First impressions can not be defined by numbers alone...... (5-9)......can they?
Lions- (0-14) Will they break the record?

NFC South
Carolina- (11-3) Winners of 7 of 8 and a perfect 8-0 at home floating on cloud #9, is floating into New York to see who will hold home field advantage throughout the playoffs. A battle of two great defenses, does Carolina have enough weapons to take down the defending champs: DeAngelo Williams (1229 yds 14 tds), Johnathan Stewart (751-9), and SUPER Steve Smith (70 cathes, 1240 yds 6tds), and Mooooose Mushin Muhammed (54-764-4). Do the Cats have enough claws on defense to stop BIG Brandon Jacobs: Julius Peppers (12.5 sacks) Jon Beason at the top of the league in tackles, Ken Lucas, Chris Gamble, Chris Harris ball hawking db's.
Atlanta- (9-5) Their big OT 13-10 win over rival Tampa puts them in the drivers seat for a wildcard birth in the playoffs. Mike Mularkey (offensive coordinator) deserves a raise, Michael Turner (1421 yds 15tds) Roddy White (82 catches 1310 yds 6 tds) and ROOK Matt Ryan (3146 yds passing 90 qb rating). If they can get past a tough Vikes defense (without Pat Williams!!), they end the year with a visit from St. Loius.
Buccaneers- (9-5) With two home games left, and 'IF' Jeff Garcia can play Tampa could be in good shape for 11 wins, but Garcia missed 4 games last year, a few this year, and will be a game time decision after being a late scratch last week. Antonio Bryant has stepped into the spotlight (74 catches 1044 yds 6 tds), and really excelled in the last two games (both losses) with 17 catches 308 yds and 3 tds.
Saints- (7-7) Wow this is a tough division, MVP candidate Drew Brees and company travel to Ford Field, Detroit and look to help the "Paper Lions" roll into the record books for........ Futility.

NFC West
Cardinals- (8-6) No reason to worry... if you are satisfied with making the playoffs, but if you want you explosive offense (Kurt Warner 4290-26-97.5 rating, A. Boldin 89-1038-11, L. Fitzgerald 88 1200-9, S. Breaston 71-909-2), to have a shot when you get there...... the defense is gonna have to start playing too.
49ers- (5-9) Mike Singletary will be a great head coach somewhere, next year.
Seattle- (3-11) Bye coach....... and then?
St. Louis- (2-12) this team won 2 games in a row: Dallas and Washington! They have lost the last eight.


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